About Us

Smith & Bradley is the brain child of two watch and gear fanatics in Central Illinois; Jerommie Smith and Ryan Bradley.  After years of buying, selling, and repairing watches from all over the world we never seemed to find a watch that would last on the wrist for more than three weeks.  Almost all of our watches were sport watches due to the constant abuse we delivered to our watches in the field, but we inevitably found something to complain about with every watch we wore.  Whether the stainless bracelet did not have the right screw down pins, or the crown guard was too weak, something was always wrong.  From the start our focus came down to utility.  However, we were not about to give up on styling either.

Amid the frustration, we decided to roll up their sleeves and design a watch that had all of the characteristics that we wanted, and that could be purchased at a reasonable price.  Not shy about a challenge, we also want to make our watches right in our Central Illinois hometown.

Our goal is simple, convert everybody we meet into a watch fanatic, and to deliver a superior quality watch, with the best possible components, that is both affordable enough to own, and rugged enough to wear. 

Whether you need weekend warrior diver, or fully-functional tactical tool, we want to be a resource for you to consult on a watch purchase--whether you buy from us or not.

At Smith & Bradley we are also eternally grateful for the sacrifices made every day by our heroes in the armed forces and law enforcement.  To this end we support various military and law enforcement charities and organizations.] and always encourage and enjoy feedback on our watches in the field.

Thanks for checking out the site.  We hope that our website will serve not only as a source for amazing sport watches, but also as a resource for those interested in watches.

Jerommie Smith (jerommie at smithbradleyltd dot com) & Ryan Bradley (ryan at smithbradleyltd dot com)