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SANS-13 (2.0)

S&B Watches drilled down on every detail of field work and came up with a truly functional design for anyone who plays hard and trains hard. 


The Atlantis was designed to be a versatile complement to today's active gentleman whether in the boardroom, on the tee or at the helm.

Atlantis Pro

The Atlantis is Smith & Bradley's flagship automatic timing collection.  "Bold", "masculine", "confident" and "innovative" summarize the attitude of this world-class timepiece. 

A true American watch company that services in house 100% of what we make. 

SANS-13 (2.0) Atlantis Pro Atlantis Draper International Build Evolution

Performance driven with style

S&B Collection

All of S&B watches have been field proven for years. Wheather in the office or in the ocean our watches will never let you down.

Atlantis Pro SANS-13(2.0)


Hand Built Quality

Never worry about what environment you put your Atlantis in. It has been proven around the world. 

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