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Introducing Smith & Bradley Designs: It's Time to Build Your Watch

Posted on February 18 2016

Smith & Bradley Designs by Smith & BradleyTimes have been changing significantly for men who want to express themselves through their clothes and accessories over the last decade or so.  Men care about their clothes, grooming, and personal possessions now more than ever and as a result men are demanding to have complete control of every aspect of their wardrobe.  This idea of control has lead to an infusion of the custom clothing from shoes with Nike ID to shirts with J.Hilburn, and the old guard is taking notice.  The wristwatch, however, has remained constant and growing in popularity.  

In the midst of the movement toward customization, the watch market has never been stronger.  All that one needs to do is look to the proliferation of watch forums and blogs that have emerged in the last ten years since Wristwatch Review got the ball rolling back in 2007.  These outlets and forms are needed now more than ever with so many "micro" brand watch companies popping up all over the internet.  Each of these companies, while often putting out new designs and ideas, are selling their own designs.  There are limited options for the gentleman that wants to create and realize their own, personal style.  The result is that watch buyers are forced to turn to watch straps and bracelets, and in extreme circumstance, case finishes and engraving, to lend their watch a touch personal style.

This lack of customization is surprising given that Men are paying far more attention now to every component of the watches that they purchase and demand to know the details of every piece.  Watch brands with true staying power and a real understanding of the process and the market are now at a distinct advantage--an advantage which Smith & Bradley values greatly.  

In an effort to evolve with the changing men's watch market and to offer a truly unique product, Smith & Bradley has launched Smith & Bradley Designs.  Smith & Bradley Designs represents the new way to buy your watch and make it your own.  We have spent the better part of a year developing a totally unique and custom watch buying process. Now Smith & Bradley classics such as the Atlantis, the Atlantis Professional, the Draper, and even the Heritage are available with a wide range of custom options ranging form hand set to dial, strap to engraving.  The Smith & Bradley Designs team at Smith & Bradley is not just building watches--they are building YOUR watch.  Are you ready.

Visit Smith & Bradley Designs and start the process now. 

Smith & Bradley Designs by Smith & Bradley


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