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An Ambush FAQ for Owners and Fans

Posted on February 22 2015

The Ambush Kickstarter has been fully shipped, and we have many Ambush owners scattered across the globe now.  We are proud and honored to have so many Ambush fans.  The great photos are flooding in from the Ambush in action and will be uploaded to the sight and social media.  The contest is still running through March so get your in!

An Ambush on an Adventure

The Ambush is an watch that is packed with functionality.  We agonized over the design and user-dynamics.  This is why we opted to uses hex-screw pins for the lugs of the watch.  The pins, however, can be tricky.  We have tried to be as clear as possible in the directions and instructional video on the site, but want to address a few questions:

What is the deal with the Ambush Hex Screws? 

The Hex screws work.  It is a much easier method to remove straps and secure the watch.  We actually polled operators in the field and were told that hex screws were preferable even to screws such as those on some of other models.  

The method to remove the screws for the removal of the strap are actually simple. The key thing to bear in mind is that the shaft sided of the pin must not be torqued too hard.. The shaft side has pressure on it from the metal band to the case head. The screw sides are as follows. The top screw bar(top of watch)  is the LEFT side. Keep tension on the right side and loosen/turn the LEFT screw. The bottom screw bar hold the left in position and unscrew the RIGHT side.  In removing the screws in this manner, you will prevent trying to unscrew the entire shaft and will loosen a screw only. 

What is going to come in the Waterproof Box?

The Ambush, both PVD and Stainless steel will come complete with a set of American Made Allen tools for pin removal, a black NATO strap and a proprietary TPU strap.  Additionally each watch will come with a warranty card.   

The Ambush PVD

Where can I get a PVD Ambush?

For a limited time, the Ambush PVD is available only to GovX members.  If you are involved at all with the military, law enforcement, or civil service, please hard over to GovX to sign up and get a great deal on the Ambush PVD.  If you are not eligible, please email

The Stainless Steel Ambush is available on the website. 

Stainless Steel Ambush



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