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Why We Love the iWatch

Posted on June 26 2015

We are not scared of the Apple watch, but rather embrace the opportunity for the men's accessory market to turn back to a traditional wrist watch. At Smith and Bradley we are dedicated to watch making in its purest sense, and have no intention of entering the market with any sort of Smart Watch, however we appreciate the fact that "wearables" as they are endearingly called, are drawing the attention of gentlemen and the rest of the world back to the wrist.  

The Smith & Bradley American Haeritage

The Classic American Styling of the Heritage.

As gentleman, we have certainly come a long way since the time when every man had a watch and used it as a tool to guide him through the day. With the proliferation of Digital and quartz timepieces, and later on cell phones, the need for wrist watch has become somewhat overshadowed--especially in regard to accuracy. Gone forever are the days of the Railroad watch necessary to keep American running on time.

Watches have become more of an opportunity for a gentleman to show his true character and personality, and to allow his watch to serve a greater purpose.  At Smith and Bradley we tried to design our watches with a purpose in mind, and with a form that is pleasing to the most discerning gentleman and will add to the outfit. This being said, when an 800 pound gorilla like Apple enters the watch world, many smaller brands such as ourselves are incredibly scared and disturbed.

For Smith and Bradley however, this could not be further from the truth. In taking a more pragmatic view of the Apple watch and the infiltration of smart watches, it is clear to us that rather than a threat these time pieces, if they can even be called that, are an opportunity to not only differentiate our brand, but to use the mighty power of Apple to market the wrist watch as an entity to individuals who may not otherwise think to wear a watch. We are big fans of the Apple watch, and we hope that it will allow the world to understand that a gentleman not only deserves a fine American watch, but in the case of the Apple watch, maybe even 2.

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