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Missing Links: What to Look for in a Great Bracelet

Posted on November 21 2012


If you invest in a timepiece, it only make sense to make sure that the investment is protected by a durable and fashionable band or bracelet.  After all, the bracelet is the only thing preventing your new watch from falling to its death after detaching from your wrist.

Many watches today boast stainless steel bracelets.  This type of bracelet is both durable and fashionable and give a sport watch a extra shot of weight.  

Not all stainless steel bracelets are the same however.  Many companies, especially in more moderately-priced offerings use lower quality hollow stainless steel links that are held together with pins rather than screws.  This format is not bad per se, but certainly lacks the durability and heft that many watch enthusiasts demand

The Smith & Bradley Atlantis has solid, surgical grade stainless steel links bound by actual screws, a similar configuration to that found in high-end Swiss watches that sport a crown logo.  Check out the pictures below, and let us know what you think.

 Notice that these links are hollow or "wrapped" and held together by pins.

 The Atlantis has solid, screw-fastened links. 

 These are Atlantis pins.  Notice the solid construction and threading. 


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