As seen on TV. Discovery Channel-Discovering Water series

Where has the time gone? (no pun intended, really) We have so many things in the works it is truly amazing. We need to do a little better job updating the blog post. 2018 has been an absolute banner year for us. We have celebrated many milestones we have surpassed and now coming into year 7 of operation, WOW. 

Our products are just now starting to take off in mainstream. On October 7, 2018 our product was used in the new Discovery Channel show, Discovering water. The entire season will be featuring our Atlantis series and Prima executive series watches. Be on the lookout in every scene and you will see our watches. 

We have made huge milstones in our construction of our products. The Atlantis now bears a 2.8mm thick crystal. They have taken down deeper than 200M and it performed flawless. 

The release of the SANS-13(2.0) has gone to the moon in mainstream. This watch is now rated at 300M. We have upgraded the engine inside to the same movement used as the Tag Heuer Aquaracer. No more are there lume tubes, but lume that is brighter and lasts longer. Crown has been enhanced to 7MM and no more screw bars screws to loose. The profile of the watch has been reduced by 3mm as well. It is now a low profile tactical machine. We have colors now too!


Stay tuned as we keep peppering our blog with updates. We have some more news coming soon about our silver screen debut! Yes, in the movies!

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