Sans-13 Bracelet (1st Gen)

Molded Form 316-L Stainless Steel, Link-by-Link

The Stainless Steel Sans-13 PVD bracelet was a serious undertaking.  Just ask lead designer Jerommie Smith.  It took almost as long to design and manufacturer the Sans-13 bracelet as it did to develop the watch!  The reason why is simple--Perfection.

The bracelet of a tactical watch, designed for the field, must be able to withstand the sweat, moisture, and dirt that will inevitably find its way into the band.  There is little room for error or aesthetics.  Still, most PVD bands, even those on sport watches, are assembled before PVD coating and the result can be uneven distribution and poor wear.  Not so with the Sans-13 bracelet. Each piece of the bracelet is treated to remain durable and comfortable for a long period of time. 

The bracelet is carved form solid stainless steel and held together with stainless steel fittings.  In order to attain the proper fit with the Sans-13, we designed an entirely new fitting into the lugs of the case.  The fit is exceptional, and the weight is significant. Additionally, the bracelet ONLY FITS the Sans-13 watch.  

The bracelet is attached with screw bars rather the spring bars for a more secure fit in the field.  

The San-13 Stainless Steel PVD bracelet is the perfect addition to the the PVD Sans-13, and we know that all Sans owners will love it as a rugged blend of Form & Function. 

Technical Features:

  • 316-L Stainless Steel
  • Individually PVD Coated
  • Adjustable Link System
  • Screw Bar Lugs
  • Locking Buckle
  • Custom-Designed to fit the Sans-13 Alone 


Instructions for Bracelet Installation

1) Remove screw bars and strap
2)Line up face(flat part of bracelet that will marry the case) at 45 degree angle and insert screw tube. This angle allows the screw bar to be inserted into the holes. 
3) Install and snug up screw on opposite end.  
4) Now place one thumb on the end link and one thumb on the watch. 
5) With your thumb on the link push the top of the link to rotate it to the watch case.
6) You will see it move towards the case and it will "SNAP" into place. This will take a little pressure as designed to Snap in place. 
7) Removal is same as installation, but reversed.